Skin So Soft to the Rescue

Skin So Soft is an iconic AVON product. It was released in 1961 simply as a bath oil for women. It is still a wonderful bath oil, fragrant and moisturizing and available in several different scents. Of course, there is another use for it that most people know about. It repels bugs. Of course, AVON now makes Skin So Soft Bug Guard with and without sunscreen for expressly that purpose. However, a lot of people still swear by the original Skin So Soft bath oil as a great way to keep those annoying pests at bay.

It would seem the wrong time of year to discuss this. Most people are looking for this sort of thing in the summer, where warm nights lead to hanging out late chatting, or families and friends venture into nature. Perhaps for most people that is true. Here, in California, and I would guess other places too, it is still very warm. It was 91 degree here yesterday, and we are expecting it to be almost as hot today. California is also experiencing a drought, so over the course of the last 6 months our backyard lawn has died down to nothing. Also, the warm nights seem to excite local wildlife and we are often woken by Raccoon Parties on our roof.

All this to say, that for the first time since I’ve lived here, about 11 years, we have fleas. I’ve considered myself very fortunate that my dog did not have fleas this whole time. Fleas and dogs generally go together. We checked him, and groomed him and never saw any until this summer. Then, there they were. Now, we have hardwood floors, but we do have a few throw rugs, and of course, the dog. We have been treating him, and the yard for fleas this summer. His treatments fell by the wayside a bit when I was ill though, and now they are back in full force. He’s now wearing one of those plastic cones to keep him from licking the hot spots on his flank, while we treat him with steroids and topical spray. Also, my own legs look terrible from itching what I am now convinced is an allergic reaction to flea bites.

Which brings me to AVON. I have been using AVON Moisture Therapy Calming Relief Spray for the itchiness and it’s wonderful and moisturizing and it helps. I don’t think I ever want to be without it again. However, we’ll still battling the fleas. While there are still fleas, there are still bites. Treating the dog with pills, the carpets with sprays, and the lawn with professionals who come every 3 months (they are due again any day now). I suddenly remembered about Skin So Soft in the Original Scent. I bathed the dog and myself using the shower gel. Then I used the spray on oil on both of us. It smells pretty strong at first, but good. It smells like walking through an herb garden on a hot summer night. I hope it will help during this trying time, but at the very least it smells good and feels good. The dogs fur and my skin have never been so shiny and moisturized.

Skin So Soft Bath Oil is currently on sale – Skin So Soft Bath Oil – 2 for $22. Any 2 for discount to apply.

AVON Moisture Therapy Calming Relief Anti-Itch Spray Lotion is also on sale, for $3.99 right now. (regular price $6.00)