The Internet and Stuff

So, I may have mentioned in earlier posts that I have been ill much of the summer. This has given me a lot of time to spend online. I have explored sections I had only seen in passing, and stumbled into areas I had never known. It’s been fun and interesting and has fit right in with my personal motto. Never stop learning.

One of the places I found some new corners was Pinterest. There is so much more going on there than I had thought. For instance, I found out there were lists of companies where you could get free or discounted stuff in exchange for reviews on Amazon. Now, I knew this went on, but I had never really thought about it much. So, out of curiosity and a little boredom I signed up for one and ordered something. Specifically, I ordered a 4 ounce container of organic shea butter. I used it on my antibiotic dried skin, and then left a honest review. It was fun. Maybe I will do it again sometime.

The other place that I found so much more was Youtube. I found that there is community there. I found there was information there. I found breathtakingly raw humanity there. It was fascinating. I have since become a sporadic viewer of certain Youtubers. Some because they are smart and have valuable information and instructions for me. Some, simply because, despite now actually knowing them, I like them. They are likable people and I enjoy listening to them and want to support them in that passive way of liking videos and subscribing to channels. So, maybe a little lazily, but benevolently.

So, if you’re curious, too, here is the link for where I got my little freebie Snagshout

And if you’re interested in a great deal on Avon products, the newest coupon code for my site is a good one. 20% off any online order over $50 and as always, free shipping on any online order over $40. Marj’s Eshop

And for one of the Youtubers I love watching, because I think she’s a genius, check out At Home With Nikki┬áThis channel is mostly about organizing and decorating, but she is brilliant and creative and so smart. I love her.