Birthday Celebrations Continue

October is a big month for birthdays in my life. Not only my own, but many of my friends and family. Most importantly, my husband’s birthday falls near the end of October. Because of that, we’ve gotten in the habit of having a little getaway about midway between the two to celebrate both of our birthdays. This may have to be the last time for awhile though, because I really didn’t like leaving my corgi on his own, with only daily check-ins.

Still, we had a great time. We went to the fascinating B&B in California known as Vision Quest B&B at the Monterey Zoo. The Monterey Zoo is an amazing facility that is kind of in the process of being turned into a Zoo. For years it was Wild Things Animal Rentals Inc which hired out exotic animals for photoshoots, movies and television. Now, it is home to many retired show business animals and they are shifting their focus to education and conservation. Although, truth be told, they have been working in animal education for many years. I seem to vaguely recall them coming to my school when I was a kid with a very large boa constrictor.

The B&B portion of the business is great, with safari-like bungalows and a great view of the big elephant playpen outside the window. The playpen is a large enclosure, I think they said 5 acre, where their four African Elephants hang out during the day with their friends who consist of two water buffalos, an ostrich and zebra. I don’t think I’ve ever come across such a unique business and facility. It is owned and operated by some of the most dedicated animal lovers I have ever seen, and it was a great experience to stay with them for two days.

I’ll include a link to their website, although be forewarned, that it is a bit outdated. The very friendly and knowledgeable staff told me that updating it with more current information is in the works, although she had no timeline for that. They also have a Facebook page, which is updated with events, pictures and videos occasionally.

Vision Quest B&B

As always, I will leave you with an AVON coupon code.


First Day of School

No, not me. My twins started 2nd grade today. My plan to get my boys up and ready in a relatively relaxed fashion so as to stave off morning freak outs worked well. They got up quickly and even had a light breakfast. I, on the other hand, zombie walked through my morning, getting the few tasks I had assigned myself done, and discovered a few things I hadn’t thought of ahead of time that also needed to get done. Next time, coffee first.

It all seemed to go well at the drop off, although we were slightly late due to me underestimating how many parents drive on the first day which lead to parking WAY farther away from the school than I had hoped. I also overestimated how fast I can walk on my still recovering left leg and ended up limping a bit on my hike back to the car. Still, the teachers seemed calm and in control, and at least one of them seemed friendly. I had the kids give them Start of School gifts of cute pencil bags enclosing my business card, a 4 color pen, a tin of mints, and a full size Avon Skin So Soft hand cream. One of the teachers seemed suspicious, the other seemed delighted.

Now, I am sitting in this very quiet house and wondering what to do next. My list of household chores is long, and of course there are other projects I could be doing as well. So far, I have had coffee and toast, got into a discussion about FRIENDS on Facebook, and talked to my mother. None of that seems too productive. I think it may be time to pull out the motivators. I could write a list. Or I could watch a motivational video. Or I could listen to high energy music. Or I could use my favorite motivating website, (it’s a fun little task and/or habit tracker site with lots of bells and whistles. If you use it, you can add me by my email

On the upside, my mother-in-law is taking the kids this afternoon, so if I get little else done this morning than writing up a to-do list, then at least I will have some free time later to get started on that list. If you have any great motivator idea and/or links, let me know. I could always use more motivation.

In the meantime, great deal today on my eshop. We’re introducing a new skin cream and I’m pretty excited about it.

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